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Last update 8/13/2019


Here you can view the actual documents I have in my research collection. They include birth, marriage and death certificates or records, obituaries, military documents, applications for social security number (SS5), the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), and the Social Security Applications and Claims Index (SSACI).

Although not actually documents, the SSDI is the information on the index cards for deceased Social Security recipients. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

The SSACI picks up where the SSDI leaves off, with details such as birth date and parentsí names extracted from information filed with the Social Security Administration through the application or claims process.

You may have observed that I have only two SS5 documents (for Albert Leier and William Thomas Leier). I obtained those several years ago from the Social Security Adminstration (SSA) when the cost for each was $5. The SSA was so overwhelmed with requests from genealogy researchers that they raised the price to $29.

In the case of the military records, they are all registrations for the draft that men were required to obtain during World War One and World War Two. Most of these never served in the military. The noted exception is William Thomas Leier, whose reconstructed military records are inlcuded here.

The "imm&nat" column contains documents pertaining to Immigration and Naturalization.

Longinus (Lawrence) Leier (1862-1899) birth marriage death imm&nat
Amelia Nowasky Leier (1865-1931) birth marriage death imm&nat
Louisa Leier Lanzaro (1884-1920) birth marriage death obit
Ciro (Eugene) Lanzaro (1881-1944) marriage death military
William Leier (1886- ) birth marriage death military
Susan Halbert Leier Ernst (1889-1963) marriage death
John Ernst (1892-1944) marriage death military
Arline Ernst Walsh (1925-2005) SSDI
Thomas Urban Halbert (1845-1916) obit
Hannah Currier Halbert (1851-1924) death obit
Lillian Foell Leier (1892-1948) marriage death
William Thomas Leier (1913-1988) death obit military SS5
Dorothy Leier Bosch (1915-1976) birth marriage
Herman Bosch (1913-1982) marriage military SSDI
Robert W. Leier (1932- ) birth
Amelia Leier Kazalski (Berry) (1889-1969) marriage obit
John (Jack) J. Kazalski (Berry) (1889-1981) marriage death military SSDI imm&nat
John C. Berry (Kazalski) (1910-1991) obit military SSDI
Bertha Kazalski (1912-1931) birth death
Gladys Berry Schmidt (1914-1993) birth marriage obit SSDI
William Henry Schmidt (1911-1950) marriage death military
Dorothy F. Kazalski (1916-1933) death
Florence Berry Gittins (1919-2005) obit SSACI
John D. Gittins Jr. (1954-1991) SSACI
Bertha Leier Hunter Saunders (1890-1941) birth marriage death
Laurence Burton Hunter (1896-1973) birth marriage obit military SSDI
Ruth Evelyn Hunter Martasian (1919-1987) birth obit SSACI
Paul G. Martasian (1919-1972) obit SSACI
Hobart Clarke Saunders (1866-1943) death
Emma Leier (1891-1891) birth death
Charles Leier (1892-1926) death obit military
Minnie Leier Fretz (1895-1919) marriage death obit
Otto Fretz (1891-1974) birth marriage military SSDI imm&nat
Anna Plaul Fretz (1896-1942) obit
Annie Leier (1896-1896) death
Albert Leier (1897-1975) marriage death obit military SSDI SS5
Miranda Hettrich Leier (1904-1976) marriage death obit SSDI
Charles Nowasky, Sr. (1831-1904) death imm&nat
Louise Pubanz Nowasky (1836-1903) death imm&nat
Bertha Nowasky Kuntze (1867-1923) birth marriage death imm&nat
Albert Kuntze, Sr. (1861-1897) marriage death
(unknown female) Kuntze (1886- ) birth
William Kuntze (1887-1888) birth death
Albert Kuntze, Jr. (1888-1888) birth death
Edwin Kuntze (1889- ) birth
Ada (Edith) Kuntze (1890-1912) birth death
Friedrich Nowasky (1870-1871) birth
Hulda Nowasky (1872-1872) birth
Jacob Nowasky (1873-1873) birth
Charles Nowasky, Jr. (1874-1918) marriage death obit imm&nat
Barbara Kellner Nowasky (1876-1956) marriage death
Charles Nowasky III (1897-1954) death military
Frederick Nowasky (1900-1955) death military
Marie Nowasky Crowell (1904-1985) marriage SSDI
Elisha Snow Crowell (1907-1969) birth marriage death
Marie Barbara Crowell Guarino (1925-2016) marriage
Elizabeth Marie Crowell (1936-1937) death
James L. Crowell (1888- ) military
Mabel L. Crowell ( - )
Elisha Snow Crowell (1867-1944) birth obit SSACI
Edith B. Hall Crowell (1868-1935)
Amos Crowell (1840-1917) death obit
Louise B. Crowell (1841-1910) death

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