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Marriage License and Certificate for Otto Fretz and Minnie Leier

Affadavit for License to Marry for Otto Fretz and Minnie Leier Marriage License for Otto Fretz and Minnie Leier Marriage Certificate for Otto Fretz and Minnie Leier

State of New York - County of Kings - City of New York - Borough of Brooklyn

Groom: Otto Fretz
Bride: Minnie Leier
Marriage date: February 22, 1919
License date: February 14, 1919

Groom's residence: 949 Gravesend Ave
Groom's age: 28
Occupation: Cook, U.S. Navy
Place of birth: Elizabeth, NJ
Father's name: Christian Fretz
Mother's name: Julia Strohl
No. of marriage: First

Bride's residence: 941 Newkirk Ave
Bride's age: 24
Place of birth: Brooklyn, NY
Father's name: Lawrence Leier
Mother's name: Amelia Propanz
No. of marriage: First

Witnesses: Bertha Hunter and Charles Leier

Just 7 months after their marriage, Minnie tragically died from Tuberculosis. Otto remarried, to Anna Plaul, on August 18, 1923.

Marriage index for Otto Fretz and Anna Plaul

Source: New York City Brides and Grooms Index, through German Genealogy Group (GGG).