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Edwin Kuntze's Birth Record

Edwin Kuntze's Birth Record

Name: Edwin W. Kuntze; male born May 20, 1889

Name of father: Albert Kuntze

Name of mother: Bertha Nowaski

Birthplace of father: Germany; age: 29; occupation: Laborer

Birthplace of mother: Germany; age: 21

Number of this mother's previous children: 3 *

Place of birth: Parkville Flatbush L. I.

* This is the couple's 4th child. An unknown female was born April 29, 1886 and died before the second child, William, was born September 25, 1887. Little Albert only lived for one day, dying on April 29, two days before 10-month-old William died. Bertha was only 20 years old and had already buried three children. Now, barely 10 months later, Edwin is born. Although I have not been able to locate his death record, he has already died when their fifth and last child, Ada, is born on September 8, 1890 (Yes, that's right, another 10-month span). Four babies buried in four years.