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Thomas Urban Halbert's Obituary

Updated 4/22/2022

Thomas Urban Halbert News Item

From the Thursday, May 11, 1916 issue of "The Brooklyn Daily Eagle" newspaper, page 18.

Thomas Urban Halbert's Obituary

Although the obituary says he was born in his 60th year when he died, other sources say that he was born November 21, 1845, in Hudson Heights, Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Quebec, Canada, and therefore would have been 70 when he died. Thomas was the husband of Hannah Elizabeth Currier (1859-1924) and the father of Susan Elizabeth Halbert, William Leier's first wife.

Dunton was a section of Jamaica, Queens. In June of 1915, Thomas and Hannah were living at 97 Remington Avenue in Jamaica, Queens. Living with them were their two sons, Edward and Harry Halbert, plus Susan and her 1-year-old son William Thomas Leier. Susan and William Leier had recently separated, and would eventually divorce in 1922. At the time, Susan was pregnant with their second child, and on August 19, 1915, Dorothy Leier was born.