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Last update 1/7/2018


The information presented on this page is taken directly from death certificates. In most cases after 1950, the cause of death was usually listed as "Natural Causes" unless the actual cause of death was "unusual." One exception to this is the death certificate for William Thomas Leier. I obtained the original record from the funeral home and it showed that he actually died from chronic lung disease.

I have further defined the deaths into one of the following categories: Respitory, Kidney, Heart, Cancer, and Other.

Click on the Cause of Death to learn more. Medical descriptions are based on my personal research and I make no guarantee as to their validity.

	Name			Date of Death	    Age		Category	Cause of Death

Albert Kuntze Jr. July 29, 1888 1 day Other Premature birth
William Kuntze July 31, 1888 10 months Other Dysentery / Convulsions
Emma Leier July 27, 1891 5 months Other Cholera Infantum
Annie Leier Mar. 26, 1896 2 months Respitory Periostitis
Albert Kuntze Jan. 22, 1897 35 years Respitory Pleura Pneumonia
Lawrence Leier June 24, 1899 37 years Cancer Carcinoma Pylorus
Louise Pubanz Nowasky Feb. 20, 1903 67 years Kidney Chronic Nephritis
Charles Nowasky, Sr. May 24, 1904 73 years Suicide Pistol shot to abdomen
Ada (Edith) Kuntze Mar. 24, 1912 22 years Other Erysipelas Fasciitis
Charles Nowasky, Jr. Mar. 26, 1918 44 years Respitory Bronchial Pneumonia
Minnie Leier Fretz Sep. 12, 1919 24 years Respitory Tuberculosis
Louisa Leier Lanzaro July 16, 1920 35 years Respitory Tuberculosis
Bertha Nowasky Kuntze Jan. 22, 1923 55 years Kidney Chronic Interstitial Nephritis
Hannah E. Currier Halbert Feb. 21, 1924 72 years Respitory Bronchopneumonia
Charles Leier Nov. 11, 1926 34 years Respitory Tuberculosis
Bertha Kazalski Mar. 20, 1931 18 years Respitory Tuberculosis
Amelia Nowasky Leier June 25, 1931 65 years Other Accidental gas poisoning
Dorothy Kazalski June 30, 1933 17 years Respitory Tuberculosis
Elizabeth Marie Crowell Mar. 4, 1937 2 months Respitory Bronchopneumonia
Bertha Leier Hunter Saunders Mar. 13, 1941 51 years Respitory Tuberculosis
Hobart Clarke Saunders Apr. 7, 1943 77 years Heart Cerebral Thrombosis
John Ernst Dec. 15, 1944 52 years Heart/Kidney Chronic Cardiovascular Renal Disease
Lillian Foell Leier Nov. 14, 1948 56 years Heart Coronary Occlusion
William Thomas Leier Aug. 23, 1988 75 years Respitory Chronic Lung Disease

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