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Bertha Nowasky Kuntze's Certificate of Death

Bertha Nowasky Kuntze's Certificate of Death

Bertha Nowasky Kuntze's Certificate of Death

Name: Bertha Wilson

Date of death: January 22, 1923

Age: 52 years

Usual residence: 239 Central Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Length of residence in New York City: 35 years

Marital status: Widowed(?)

Date of birth: 1871

Occupation: Housewife

Birthplace: Germany

Father's name: Charles Nowasky; Germany

Mother's name: Louisa Cechon(?); Germany

Informant: Mrs. Lingribel(?) (sister)

Place of death: 239 Central Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Cause of death: Chronic Interstitial Nephritis

Time from attack until death: 1 year 6 months

Cemetery: Evergreens

Date of burial: January 24, 1923

Although her surname is Wilson on the certificate, I am quite certain this is our Bertha Nowasky, who was born around 1867 (not 1871). Our Bertha married Albert Kuntze in 1885. Albert died in 1897. I can only guess that she remarried after Albertís death in 1897, but I have found no evidence of that.

Her mother's surname appears to be Cechon. Curiously, Bertha's marriage certificate states that she was born in Ceckin Germany.

Although the informant's name is barely legible, it does say sister. Her only known sister was Amelia Nowasky who married Lawrence Leier.

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