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Charles Nowasky III's Certificate of Death

Charles Nowasky III's Certificate of Death

Name: Charles Nowasky

Date of death: March 12, 1954

Age: 57 years (His date of birth appears to be wrong, which would make him 56 when he died.)

Usual residence: 683 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Length of residence in New York City: Life

Marital status: Widowed (I have found no record that he ever married.)

Date of birth: January 13, 1897 (All other sources show his date of birth was in 1898, not 1897.)

Occupation: Handyman at Kings County Hospital

Birthplace: New York

Father's name: Charles Nowasky

Mother's name: Barbara Kellner

Place of death: Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn

Cause of death: "Natural Causes"

Time from attack until death: Feb. 23rd 1954 to Mar. 12th 1954

Informant: Barbara Nowasky (mother), 683 Coney Island Ave

Cemetery: Evergreens

Date of burial: March 15, 1954

Undertaker: Harry Blair, 723 Coney Island Ave