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Bertha Leier's Birth Certificate

Bertha Leier's Birth Certificate

State of New York - Kings County - Town of Gravesend

Name of child: Bertha Leier

White female, born on February 12, 1890

Place of birth: Greenfield

Name of father: Lerry Leier

Name of mother: Amelia Nowalskie

Birthplace of father: Germany; age: 28; occupation: Farmer

Birthplace of mother: Germany; age: 24

Number of this mother's previous children: Three
How many of them now living: Three *

* Since Bertha is the fourth child born to the couple, after Louisa (1884), William (1886), and Amelia (1889), and all four are alive at this point, then this makes no sense. The information appears to have been entered on the certificate by a Bertha Kunskey. Perhaps she just made a mistake.