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Amelia Nowasky's Birth Record

Emilie Pubanz's Birth Record 3

Emilie Pubanz's Birth Record 1

Emilie Pubanz's Birth Record 2

Thanks to Tom Peters for locating this for me. The record, provided by the familysearch.org website, is from the "Deutschland, Geburten und Taufen 1558-1898" index (Germany, births and christenings) for the Tuchel (Tuchola) district in West Prussia, which today is located in northern Poland.

Emilie changed her name to Amelia after she arrived in America. Although I am not absolutely certain, it appears from other sources that her mother was born Louise Pubanz, the daughter of Louis and Louise Pubanz. They lived in the town of Cekcyn, in the district of Tuchola, in what is now Poland. Based on this and other records, it appears that Amelia was born out of wedlock. The christening record provides no name for the father. On the record for Amelia's sister Bertha, born September 13, 1867, her mother is listed as Louise Krzyan. If Louise did marry, to someone named Krzyan, there was still no father listed on the christening record. However, by the time the next child was born, Friedrich Wilhelm Nowatzke, on May 28, 1871, Louise is married to Carl (Charles) Nowatzke.