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Ciro (Eugene) Lanzaro's Certificate of Death

Ciro (Eugene) Lanzaro's Certificate of Death

Name: Ciro Lanzaro also known as Eugene Lanzaro

Date of death: December 19, 1944

Age: 63 years

Place of death: Marlboro RD #2, New Jersey

Cause of death: Hepatic failure due to Carcinoma of Liver

Time from attack until death: From August 12, 1944 to December 19, 1944

Residence: Marlboro RD #2, New Jersey

Marital status: Widowed

Date of birth: November 22, 1881

Birthplace: Italy

Occupation: Farmer

Father's name: Joseph Lanzaro; Father's birthplace: Italy

Mother's name: Petronilla Bonifacio; Mother's birthplace: Italy

Informant: Joseph Lanzaro, Morganville, NJ

Cemetery: St. Joseph Cemetery, Keyport, NJ

Date of burial: December 23, 1944

Funeral Director: W. H. Freeman, Freehold, NJ

Ciro (Eugene), my grandfather, was the husband of Louisa Leier. He died 1 month before I was born. Although it says the address was in Marlboro, he lived and died in the farmhouse in Morganville.