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William Kuntze's Birth Certificate

William Kuntze's Birth Certificate

State of New York - Kings County - Town of Gravesend

Name of child: William Kuntze

White male, born on September 25, 1887

Place of birth: South Greenfield

Name of father: Albert Kuntze

Name of mother: Bertha Nowake

Birthplace of father: Germany; age: 28; occupation: Laborer

Birthplace of mother: Germany; age: 20

Number of this mother's previous children: One
How many of them now living: One *

* There was one previous child born to the couple, a girl born April 29, 1886, whose name I have never been able to determine. Nor do I know when she died, but if the information on this certificate is correct, she died between her birth and that of William, a period of 17 months. William would survive only 10 months.