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born December 1835 in Germany - died May 24, 1904, age 68 years.

Father: unknown
Mother: Louisa
Spouse: Louise Pubanz (1836-1903)

Cause of death: Shock and internal hemorrhage following pistol shot wound of abdomen

A year after his wife Louise died, Charles tried to end his own life by shooting himself with a gun. He managed to inflict a serious wound to his abdomen and died two days later on May 24, 1904 at Seney Hospital (now the New York Methodist Hospital) from a pistol shot wound of the abdomen. He was 74 years old. The following is an article that appeared in the May 23, 1904 issue of the Utica Herald-Dispatch.



So Aged New Yorker, in Bitter Disappointment, Shot Himself in the Abdomen

New York, May 23 – For lack of money to take his three grandchildren to see the sights at Coney Island yesterday, Charles Nowasky, 74 years old, who lived with his son at No. 29 East Second Street, Brooklyn, shot himself in the abdomen. He was removed to Seney Hospital and the physicians there say he will die.

He promised the children several days ago that he would give them an outing at Coney Island yesterday. With his son and daughter-in-law and the grandchildren he started from the house at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon. The children were in great glee over the treat, and the grandfather appeared to be as happy as they were. The party had gone but a few blocks when the old man declared that he would have to return home as he had forgotten his money. The son offered to go instead, but was told that he did not know where the money was. The family waited nearly and hour for the return of the old man then hastened home. They found him lying on his bed in a dying condition. A pistol was clutched in his right hand.

A search was made, but no trace of the money that the old man spoke of was found. His son believes that because he was unable to provide the treat that he had promised he became despondent and attempted to kill himself.

And in an article from the May 24, 1904 issue of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle:



Charles Nowasky, 73 years old, living at 29 East Second Street, is a prisoner in the Seney Hospital suffering from a bullet wound in the abdomen which it is alleged he inflicted with suicidal intent. Nowasky was despondent and according to police tried to find solace in death. When he recovers he will be arraigned in the Flatbush court on a charge of attempted suicide.


Charles, who was 68 when he died, not 73 or 74, did not recover from his wounds. He died two days after entering the hospital and was buried with Louise in Evergreens Cemetery.