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born August 16, 1913 in Brooklyn, NY - died August 23, 1988, age 75 years.

Father: William Leier (1886-?)
Mother: Susan Halbert (1889-1963)

Cause of death: Chronic Lung Disease

Chronic Lung Disease is the term for a wide variety of persistent lung disorders.

In October of 1942, when he was 29 years old, William enlisted in the Army Reserve Signal Corps. The records from his physical indicate that he was already suffering from a condition called “dorsal kyphosis” or curvature of the spine. One can only conjecture that, in 1942, the Army was enlisting anyone who could walk into the recruitment office.

His immediate assignment after basic training was with a medical detachment. In any case, he lasted only 14 months in the service, long enough to earn an honorable disability discharge due to his worsening physical condition. He was discharged on December 22, 1943 and moved back to Brooklyn.

Around 1959 he moved to Herlong, California, a small town near the Nevada border, about 50 miles northwest of Reno. He found work as a civilian at the nearby Sierra Army Depot. A retired employee of the depot recently told me he remembers Bill in 1964 as an older gray-haired fellow who was quite bent over and worked as an operator at the depot’s water treatment plant. Others who knew him at that time have also confirmed that he was known as "Bill" Leier.

After retiring from the depot, Bill moved to the nearby town of Susanville. It was around this time that he was diagnosed with chronic lung disease. Shortly after entering the Lassen Community Hospital for treatment, he developed pneumonia and died there on August 23, 1988, a week after his 75th birthday. His obituary states there were no known survivors. Another source indicates he never married.

He is buried in the veterans section at the Diamond Crest Cemetery in Johnstonville, California, a small town just southeast of Susanville.