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Louisa's Eighth Letter

Jan 21, 1920

Dear Son Joe,

I received your letter and very glad to hear you all are well.

I am feeling much better but my cough is very tight on my chest they gave me so much stuff to drink but nothing seems to loosen it. I have chills and fever very high. It has been very cold out here and my shawls have not reached me yet. I have a bad cold in my head from not having the shawls. Dear Joe you must not have been thinking about your mother but that nothing.

The doctor is giving me something for appetite so the appetite comes and there is nothing to eat.

If Papa comes Sunday let him bring me a pigon or chicken.

And never mind the Zwiebacks let him bring Undeeda busits and bring some more egg plants and peppers and a little fruit and go to Mrs Seber and tell her Mama would like a glass of her jelly. Don’t forget if you want me to build bring me something. I can not build up on this stuff I get here. I have lost a lot of weight. I was longing for some fruit and I ask a lady for a apple.

Best love and kisses to Mama, Papa and my Darling little baby boy and best love and kisses to you and all the children.

I remain your Mother.

Don’t forget my things. I have my mind on it.

Larry Notes:

“pigon” is pigeon?

Zwiebacks are 4 inch rounded rectangles of dry toast, about a half inch thick. "undeeda busits" is Uneeda Biscuits. Click here for more information.

Mrs Seber is probably Anna Seber, Walter Seber’s mother, who lived either next door to the Lanzaro’s, or across the road.

The underlined words are the way she wrote them.

To view the actual letter written by Louisa, click here.

Letter #9 - March 18, 1920

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