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Louisa's Ninth Letter

March 18, 1920

My Dear Son,

I received your letter and glad you and all are well. I am feeling just the same. Well this month I pulled through so I guess I will pull through the summer until the fall if itís Godís will.

But one thing I want to come home not for Easter about in May and stay home by my family. I grew you all up and can not see why I have to lay in a hospital like a dog has no home after all my work there is no hope in me getting better so I want to stay home and die home. I go crazy if I have to stay much more without my family.

Tootsie ought to take the baby out every day a little it does him good. I did not expect Papa but one thing I did not get the letter until Friday and than another thing you said he wanted to get the hot beds ready.

Tell Papa to bring me more crackers undeeda and lunch crackers and one lb. prunes donít bring no more oranges I donít care for them. Tell Papa to bring me 10c worth lemon candy you know what kind I mean.

Joeís Saintís day Friday and wish him many more.

Kiss my little darling Frankie for me.

Best love and kisses to Dear Grandma, Papa and all my dear ones also to you.

Tell Tootsie and Francie I was glad to hear from them.

I remain your loving mother

L. Lanzaro

Larry Notes:

ďJoeís Saintís dayĒ is St. Josephís Day, celebrated in the Catholic Church on March 19. It was, and still is an Italian custom to celebrate oneís saintís name day.

This letter doesnít appear to be written to her son Joe, since she refers to him in the third person regarding his saintís day. Perhaps itís written to Larry, who would have been 13 years old.

To view the actual letter written by Louisa, click here.

Letter #10 - June 12, 1920

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