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Louisa's Seventh Letter

Nov. 12, 1919

Dear Gene,

I was waiting for a letter from you so I thought I would write. How did you all get home Sunday.

I got my bed changed on the other side because there was too much draught on my shoulders. My chest is very sore and my back. I must have caught cold my fever still very high and my cough very bad.

It was in Sunday’s paper that the World is coming to an end the 17th Dec we are not going to live until Christmas so don’t worry we all die together did you hear it.

When you come up Sunday bring me a loaf of rye bread and undeeda busits don’t bring no fruit. I have a lot yet and bring me a small glass jar like the butter was in with a cover.

Tuesday was a big Holiday it was a year war declared.

That little boy that was screaming he died he was only there 3 days he is better off.

I got no letters from Brooklyn. I guess they are all dead.

Best love and kisses to Mama, You and all the children.

Your loving wife


Larry Notes:

A very depressing tone to this letter, perhaps because her younger sister Minnie died, of Tuberculosis, on September 12, just two days after Louisa wrote her sixth letter. From now on, the gaps between her letters get longer and longer.

“Undeeda busits” are Uneeda Biscuits.

“Tuesday was a big Holiday it was a year war declared.” Actually, it was Armistice Day, a year after WWI ended, on November 11, 1918. Armistice Day became Veteran’s Day in 1954.

To view the actual letter written by Louisa, click here.

Letter #8 - January 21, 1920

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