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Louisa's Fifth Letter

Sept. 3, 1919

My Dear Son Joe,

I received your letter and I am glad you all are well. I am feeling better these few days my fever is not so very high it’s gone down a little.

I am glad papa went to see Frankie and took his picture.

Papa told me about Mr. McKenzie being dead he is better off he is at rest.

I will be glad to see you Sunday it seems like a long time I have not seen you. What do you do with Catello and Francie when you go to market.

Why did you not buy the shirt first because you need it.

Tell Papa not to bring me no more oranges. I got tired of them. 2 oranges were rotten and half of the muskmellon. Papa must look when he buys. Tell him to bring me muskmellons and our apples are there no red ones ripe are those little pears ripe where the clothes line is if they are bring me some. Don’t forget the knife.

You received mail from me last week.

Best love and kisses to Grandma to Papa and all the children. Best love and kisses to you.

Your loving mother.

Larry Notes:

Frankie is baby Francis, and “Francie” is my father. Note that Louisa says Ciro “went to see Frankie”. Obviously the baby is no longer at the farmhouse.

McKenzie was a friend of Ciro’s in Brooklyn.

The underlined words are the way Louisa wrote them in the letter.

This letter was written one day after her 35th birthday.

To view the actual letter written by Louisa, click here.

Letter #6 - September 10, 1919

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