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Louisa's Third Letter

July 30, 1919

My Dear Son

I received your letter and was glad to hear that you all arrived safe home and had no trouble.

I am feeling pretty good only my cough is very bad. I cough and it makes me throw up all my meals. You see my stomach is weak and my fever is very high yet. I have to have ice on my head most of the time to bring down the fever and I let you know I have a new doctor but there is no difference they are all the same one knows just as much as another.

Tell papa he promised that man the tomatoes and never send them did he forget tell him to send them.

I am glad to hear papa shipped so many tomatoes. I wish he would so many every day how is the price.

My dear son I donít worry as long as you all are well and donít fight together and be good children.

But Frankieís picture is never coming tell Mrs. Martin I send her my best regards and kiss Frankie for me.

I send my love and kisses to Grandma, Papa, Leona and all the children.

And I send hundreds of kiss to you and be a good boy.

Donít forget the tomatoes.

From your loving Mother L. Lanzaro

When Papa comes up tell him I have no chance writing to him and donít forget the campur balls.

Larry Notes:

The letter is probably written to Louisaís 14-year old son, Joseph, or 12-year-old Lawrence.

Frankie is baby Francis, Grandma is Petronilla, Papa is Ciro, and Leona is Leona LaMura.

I have no idea who Mrs. Martin is. Petronilla had found a neighbor woman who provided breast milk for Frankie. Perhaps this was her.

ďCampurĒ is probably camphor, a substance derived from the camphor tree, and used for, among other things, to relieve stomach-aches.

To view the actual letter written by Louisa, click here.

Letter #4 - August 14, 1919

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