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Louisa's Second Letter

July 17, 1919

Dear Gene,

I received your letter and was glad to hear from you but it was pretty hard to make out. I got the tomatoes Tuesday and they were beautiful all the nurses came for one and they said some fine tomatoes and such nice taste to them. Send me some more next week when you send the other things don’t forget I have not a bite of tooth paste.

I let you know I was examined again by the high doctor Tuesday the nurse told him to examine me so when he examined me I asked him if I was getting better or worse and he said I am a sick woman, but there are sicker than you, I told him doctor I want to go home to my children he said now, I said no I mean I want to get well he said I will get well all right but wants time. He asked how old was the baby and if I had some one to take care of the other children.

I got a letter from Millie telling me Charlie came home and they are going to be engaged two weeks from now and she and him is coming to see me.

Mary sends me some oranges and 6 peaches and plums and they got there all smashed they had them packed in a nice box but I guess they were soft. Your tomatoes come in good condition.

Now I have told you so much but have not told you how I feel. I have been feeling much better this week only my fever has not gone down. I did not get the chills only I feel weak.

Best love and kisses to Mama and all the children. Best love and kisses to you. I got Tootsie’s postal card.

I remain your wife Louisa.

This is the last stamp. I have no more.

Larry Notes:

Gene is Louisa’s husband, Ciro.

Charlie is Charles Mastellone, engaged to marry Millie LaMura. Charlie "came home" from Europe
where he served as a veteran of World War I.

Mary is possibly “Aunt” Mary, actually Ciro’s cousin Maria Lanzaro, who was married to Vito Desiano.

To view the actual letter written by Louisa, click here.

Letter #3 - July 30, 1919

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