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Louisa's First Letter

June 18, 1919

Dear Mother,

I received your loving letter and also them nice cakes but I can not eat them to-day because I am not feeling so well. I have plursey in my left side again. They have been putting mustard plasters. I will be better in a few days don’t worry about me it’s nothing. I caught cold.

I hope the Virgin Mary will make me well quick. I thank you so much. I can not explain in my heart you have always been so good to me. I got the stamps but don’t send me no more they are going to change the stamps 2c and 1c so I have plenty. I thank Pipinella for the komino and night gowns. I was so glad to get them. Millie brought me another one. Dear Mother don’t forget my gold in the pawn because I don’t want to lose them.

Josie wrote to me Monday and wanted to know if I had any fruit because he said it was no use in sending if I had some so I wrote and told him I wanted it next week as Gene and Millie were up Sunday. It did not rain any more up here Sunday but it got foggy.

I am glad Baby and all the children are well. Tell Gene to bring Lawrence when he comes again because I think my poor son is longing to see me.

Give my best regards to the people across the way.

Best regards to Gene.

Best love to you and all the children. How is my Tootsie and Catello. I am sending Tootsie a bow for her doll.

I remain your loving daughter.


Larry Notes:

“Plursey” is Pleurisy, a painful inflammation of the thorax. Tuberculosis is a highly communicable disease, marked by lesions on the lungs, causing painful breathing and severe coughing. Mustard plasters were cloth bandages coated with mustard powder and placed on the patient’s chest to ease the symptoms.

The Post Office had raised first class postage from 2 cents to 3 cents on November 3, 1917, but on July 1, 1919, they dropped it back to 2 cents.

I have no idea who Pipinella is. “komino” is probably kimono or bath robe.

Millie is probably “Auntie” Millie, actually Ciro’s cousin, 18 year-old Mildred LaMura.

“The pawn” is a pawnshop, an establishment that lends money at interest in exchange for valuable personal property left as security. If the loan is not paid off in a specified amount of time, the pawnshop reserves the right to sell the personal property and keep the profit.

Josie is possibly Millie’s brother Joseph LaMura, Leona’s husband.

Baby is Louisa’s last child Frankie, who had just turned 1 year-old the week before she wrote this letter.

The “people across the way” – Based on another of her letters, I’m guessing that this is Anna Seber and her children.

Gene is Louisa’s husband, Ciro.

Lawrence was 12 years old, Tootsie 8, and Catello turned 11 the day before the letter was written.

To view the actual letter written by Louisa, click here.

Letter #2 - July 17, 1919

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