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Petition Sent To The Judge

Scroll down to new entry placed on December 19, 2020.

Article from the Brooklyn Eagle, dated July 22, 1901, page 18.

Petition Sent To The Judge

My transcription of the article appears below.



Newkirk Avenue Residents Ask That the Newvski’s and the Lears Keep the Peace


Magistrate Voorhees, who just at present is handling the business of both the Coney Island and Flatbush courts, had a new proposition to deal with this morning. He found when he arrived at Flatbush, a petition staring him in the face praying for the severe punishment of persons for whom summonses had been issued.

A petition in such a case is a novelty, as all of the old timers in the police court business acknowledged. A copy of the petition follows:

To His Honor, A. V. B. Voorhees, City Magistrate:

Dear Sir – We, the undersigned property owners and residents of New York avenue, Borough of Brooklyn, do most respectfully beg your protection from the assaults made both with violent force and in profane and obscene language by Charles Newoski, sr., and his wife, Charles Newoski, jr., and his wife, Barbara; Mrs. L. Lear and her son, William Lear, and other members of the same family, now residing on the north side of Newkirk avenue and occupying the second and third houses west of the Brighton Beach Railroad.

Your petitioners further beg that the above mentioned persons be placed under good and sufficient bonds to keep the peace.

Trusting and believing that this petition will receive your kind consideration, we remain, most honorable sir, respectively yours.

Howard L. Wheeler, 1,522 Newkirk avenue; A. Newberry Roe, 1,408 Newkirk avenue; M. Emma Cumiskey, 1,408 Newkirk avenue; Frederick Luck, 1,506 Newkirk avenue; Walter S. Lennox, 1,212 Newkirk avenue; Susie N. Cadmus, 1,408 Newkirk avenue; the Rev. Hay Watson Smith, 1,408 Newkirk avenue; Harry C. Cumiskey, 1,408 Newkirk avenue; George W. Hall, Newkirk avenue; Mrs. G. C. Hall, Newkirk avenue; Mrs. A. McCarthy, Newkirk avenue; Thomas Fitzpatrick, Newkirk avenue; Charles E. Billups, East Fifteenth street and Newkirk avenue.

When the magistrate called the case he found that Perry Wheeler, a lad in knickerbockers, who owned to 13 years, was the complainant. He wore a bandage over an eye that had been well blackened. The defendants came trooping up in single file at the call of their names. According to young Wheeler’s story, he was set upon, while he was riding a bicycle by the defendants’ houses, knocked from his wheel, kicked, pounded with a stick and frightfully abused by word of mouth. Many other residents besides those whose names appear on the petition are, it is declared, also up in arms against the Nowoski and Lear families. The summonses, which were issued last week, were served on the defendants during the latter part of the week.

The Nowoskis all carried children in their arms, and during Perry Wheeler’s statement of the case a howl went up that nearly drove the court officers into hysterics. When the babes in arms had been quieted, Nowoski, sr., said that young Wheeler had deliberately ridden his bicycle over one of the infant Nowoskis, and offered Mrs. Lear, his sister, as proof of that fact. One of the signers of the petition, a woman, declared that the child was playing in the yard when young Wheeler was knocked off his wheel.

Magistrate Voorhees ordered Howard L. Wheeler, the father of Perry, to swear out a charge of disorderly conduct against the various defendants, and when they had pleaded not guilty to that charge, he adjourned the case for further hearing.


Names that appear in the article:

Mrs L. Lear
William Lear
Charles Newoski Sr., brother of Mrs. Lear (this should be Charles Jr.)
Wife of Charles Sr.
Charles Newoski Jr.
Barbara Newoski, wife of Charles Jr.

Howard L. Wheeler		1522 Newkirk Ave.
Perry Wheeler – 13 years old son of Howard
Frederick Luck		1506 Newkirk Ave.
A. Newberry Roe		1408 Newkirk Ave.
M. Emma Cumiskey		1408 Newkirk Ave.
Harry C. Cumiskey		1408 Newkirk Ave.
Rev. Hay Watson Smith	1408 Newkirk Ave.
Susie N. Cadmus		1409 Newkirk Ave.
Walter S. Lennox		1212 Newkirk Ave.
George W. Hall		Newkirk Ave.
Mrs. G. C. Hall		Newkirk Ave.
Mrs. A. McCarthy		Newkirk Ave.
Thomas Fitzpatrick		Newkirk Ave.
Charles E. Billups		East Fifteenth St./Newkirk Ave.

"residing on the north side of Newkirk avenue and occupying the second and third houses west of the Brighton Beach Railroad."

Brighton Beach (on Coney Island) is a long way from Newkirk Ave. (4 miles). Not sure where the railroad would have been. 2nd & third houses – 941 is the 2nd house – 939 is the 3rd house, to the left of 941.

In 1900, the Newaskys lived at 258 Newkirk, one block west of 941.

In 1900, the Leiers lived at 379 Washington Ave. Washington Avenue was renamed Parkville Ave. 379 and 941 were within walking distance - a short block apart.


The following was discovered on Newspapers.com on December 19, 2020

Petition Sent To The Judge 2    Petition Sent To The Judge 3

Again, I have been unable to find the conclusion to all this.

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