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S. S. Cimbria

The "Cimbria" was built by Caird & Company, in Greenock, Scotland for the Hamburg-America Line in 1867. She was a 3,037 gross ton ship, with a length of 340 feet by 40 feet across, with one funnel and two masts (rigged for sail), iron construction, single screw and a speed of 12 knots. There was accommodation for 58-1st, 120-2nd and 500-3rd class passengers. Launched on 21 January 1867, she left Hamburg on her maiden voyage to Southampton and New York on 13 April 1867. Carl Nowitzky (Nowasky) sailed from Hamburg to New York in the summer of 1879.

S. S. Cimbria

On 17 January 1883 the Cimbria sailed from Hamburg for New York, but on the 19th of January she was in a collision in dense fog near Borkum Island, Germany with the British vessel "Sultan" of the Hull & Hamburg Line. The Cimbria's hull had a large gash abreast of the foremast and the Sultan also had a large hole foreward and drifted off into the fog. The Cimbria rapidly sank with the loss of 389 lives and although seven lifeboats got away, only 133 people were saved. Nearly all of the 72 women and 87 children on board were lost.