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941 Newkirk Avenue
in 2009, 2014 and 2017

Last update 10/27/2018

941 Newkirk Avenue in 2009

Photo source: Google Maps Street View, 2009

This was the home of Amelia Leier and her children from about 1901 to the early 1930's. It's a 3-story, 1,565 square-foot, single-family, 8 room (5 bedrooms) house with front and back porches, and a fireplace. According to zillow.com, it went on the market in 2009, listing for $564,500, and sold within one month for $679,999. By 2018, Zillow listed it's market value at $1,210,934.

In 1901, the neighborhood was predominately Irish-American, Italian-American and Jewish. Today it is primarily Afro-American and West Indian, with a large influx of immigrants from Haiti.

Very sad how much the house deteriorated in just five years. This photo capture from Google Maps Street View, dated September 2014, shows some serious decay that is not being addressed. The gutter on the upper roof is hanging, the satellite dish has fallen over, and the lower story roof has further deteriorated since 2009.

941 Newkirk Avenue in 2014

However, by September of 2017, when the Google Street Map photo was taken, below, there have been noticeable improvements.

941 Newkirk Avenue in 2017