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608 Coney Island Avenue
Tax Photo Circa 1940

608 Coney Island Avenue

Sometime prior to 1935, Marie Nowasky married Richard Bolton, an elevator operator at Kings County Hospital. They lived here above the store at 608 Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. It was here on December 26, 1936, that Elizabeth Marie Crowell was born. She lived for only two months, dying March 4, 1937 from bronchial pneumonia. Her death certificate states her mother was Marie Nowasky and her father Richard Crowell. Richard and Marie had another child, a son, Richard Bolton, Jr., born May of 1940.

Between 1939 and 1941, New York City photographed every building in the five boroughs for tax purposes. This photo of the house at 608 Coney Island Avenue is from that collection.