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456 Lexington Avenue
Tax Photo Circa 1940

456 Lexington Avenue

Albert Leier, known more familiarly as Ollie or Allie, married Miranda Hettrich on January 26, 1927. They lived in this building at 456 Lexington Avenue in Brooklyn. It would be an incredible stroke of luck if the woman emerging from the building was Miranda. We'll never know since we have no photos of her.

They were still living here when Albert died of natural causes on August 1, 1975. After Albert's death, Miranda moved to an apartment at 6930 62nd Street in the Glendale section of Queens, New York. Her brother, William Hettrich, had an apartment nearby. Miranda died a year after Albert on October 29, 1976. They are buried together in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Flushing, Queens.

Between 1939 and 1941, New York City photographed every building in the five boroughs for tax purposes.
This photo of the house at 456 Lexington Avenue is from that collection.