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379 Washington Avenue
Tax Photo Circa 1940

379 Washington Avenue

After Lawrence Leier's premature death in 1899, Amelia struggled to support herself and her 7 children by taking in and doing the laundry of other people in the neighborhood. In 1900 they were all living here at 379 Washington Avenue in the Parkville section of the town of Flatbush in the city of Brooklyn. Years later, Washington Avenue would be renamed Parkville Avenue. This was only a few blocks from the Webster Avenue tenement where they had previously lived. By 1901, they had moved a few blocks east to a newly-built 3-story house at 941 Newkirk Avenue.

Between 1939 and 1941, New York City photographed every building in the five boroughs for tax purposes. This photo of the house at 379 Washington Avenue is from that collection.